Vanilla Corruption – Dungeon Edition

Vanilla Corruption Party


2pm – 6pm

Every year since I started Professional Domination (and one year twice), I have held a Vanilla Corruption party. Typically an outdoor event it’s principle purpose is to introduce My vanilla friends, family and even friends of friends into kink and put on a demonstration of BDSM.

The event has differed each year starting off with sissies and puppies with some bondage and CBT. Last year I had two masochists attending so there was a ball nailing and I found somewhere very “interesting” to park My car. Now the content of the kink in the parties is somewhat driven (obviously) by the men that apply and tribute to attend and prostate themselves in front of My Ladies. Limits are always respected and I do love to show My Ladies the unique and wonderful but they have also enjoyed previous years seeing electric play, humiliation games and a simple strap on spit roast!

As the party goes on the more and more the Ladies join in, enjoying trying and participating and causing pain! The only limitations I have really placed upon the event is there will be no forced bi, hard sports, knife play or orgasms / orgasm control.

You might be thinking that on year four of the Vanilla Corruption the Ladies are now no longer vanilla or seen all there is to see. Firstly I’ve been a Professional for nearly 4 years and I STILL haven’t seen it all. I’m still sucked in by the wonderment that is kink and submission. Secondly every year I have new Ladies. The Ladies I’ve had previously go home, tell their own friends and their own work colleagues and before I know it I have requests for extra guests on the next event!

Now this year I will be hosting two parties. The Summer outdoor event will be mid August as usual BUT My Ladies are nagging Me to see My playspace, the Alchemy Rooms. They’ve essentially only seen a token few pieces of dungeon equipment such as My throne and a fucking bench; anything I have been able to transport in a van to a marquee in an private outdoor location. The Alchemy Rooms has become a kink Wonderland. I’ve invested money in top of the range equipment and toys and it’s now the time to show it to My Ladies.

This dungeon edition of My Vanilla Corruption party I have invited the glamorous, beautiful and utterly salacious Lola Ruin ( down from Manchester to co-hostess. The party is to run from 2pm – 6pm, includes play and feeding / refreshments. The tribute for this is £300, with the full tribute required up front via bank transfer to secure your place. I will be limiting the event to 8 – 10 men attendees as per previous years.

The event starts with a review of interests / limits, the men (other than pets and sissies) are stripped as it is a CFNM event. Each of the Dominants plus a female assistant will be there to initiate play and encourage vanilla participation, a break some way through the proceedings for buffet and refreshments and then continued play. subs having a rest or awaiting their turn for interaction at any time there is plenty of furniture, bondage options or cages to be held in / on.

Come be humiliated, degraded or hurt for a crowd of enthusiastic vanilla Ladies at My unique, well established event.

Keep Kinky Kinksters!

Mistress Tess x