Introducing The Alchemy Rooms – My Very Own Playspace

Introducing The Alchemy Rooms – My Very Own Playspace

So dreams really do come true! From the day I started out as a Professional Dominatrix two years and nine months ago it was always the plan to have My Own playspace at some point.

As it happens it’s come around a little sooner than I had planned but it was the right time. I’d spent the previous 18 months building a base in Milton Keynes at the Fallen Angel Studio and very appreciative of My time and learning there but it got to the stage that I felt I was building enough of a base that it was just the right time to have a place of My Own, I had approached Domina Sara for taking over the lease, and after some initial discussion alas it wasn’t to be.

The name “Alchemy Rooms” came from a counsel of sorts with My collared ones, and those aspiring collaree’s of Mine, throwing out basics such as something inadvertently kinky, not so loud but in line with My love of Paganism, Glastonbury and the history of the Druids – I know, tough challenge eh!

After much deliberation the one I (an only I) aptly address as “cunt” suggested “Alchemy Rooms” – Alchemy being a practice of ancient Druids of purifying items, which ran a cord with Me as I liked to think My space is turning the men that pass the threshold from a state upon entering to a more enlightened, truer self upon leaving.

The Alchemy Rooms is just 7 miles off the Milton Keynes south border. It’s 3.4 miles from the nearest rail station which is the Leighton Buzzard train station and there are regular trains that run from Euston to / through Leighton Buzzard that range from JUST 25 minutes in duration for a direct or 35 – 45 minutes for trains that make other stops.

Since I took the keys on for My Leighton Buzzard based playspace on March 1st I’ve invested blood, sweat and money (slaves blood, slave sweat and mostly My money – ha!) into turning it into a playspace to be proud of. It is still a work in progress and will be for many years to come and I’m certain there are some out there that would have something negative to say about it’s set up but I don’t give a FUCK because it’s Mine!

It’s My baby, and through the love of what I do and the scene I’m consistently (weekly) investing money into it.

The space is an old 1940’s structure and is a total floor space of 70ft x 30ft which is split into half down the middle of the short section creating two 70ft x 15ft halves. The half I’m using as the main “dungeon” area / space is the second half of the building, which has been portioned as a 10ft space one end for the toilet, shower, storage cupboard and kitchenette area. The other end is a 20ft wide “dungeon” bedroom, where I have a king size cage bed which would be perfect for overnight sessions, in the bedroom is also an additional whipping / spanking bench from Extreme Restraints. There is no natural light that enters the space, all windows are blacked out allowing a very real dungeon like dank cool ambience (but don’t you delicate flowers fret – I also bought heaters to warm the space if / when required).


There are still many of the bigger dungeon furniture items I want to add into the dungeon space, but at present it proudly hosts:

  • My Beautiful Black Carved Throne (centre room) elevated on a raised dais (BBC – ha, couldn’t resist – My favourite!)
  • A black leather chaise lounge
  • Fetters Spanking Horse
  • Fetters Gynaecology Chair
  • Fetters Toilet Box
  • Free standing Crucifix
  • MIV Whipping Bench
  • MIV Suspension frame (encompassing a suspension bed and leather fucking swing)
  • Human Steel lock box
  • MIV Bondage / Queening Chair
  • MIV Cage Bondage Table / Bed (complete with stocks)
  • Kinksters Double Bondage Bed
  • Latex Vacuum Bed
  • Stand up prison bar cage
  • 48” Dog cage

Along with other smaller pieces of kit such as a Venus 2000 milker, various leather / latex sleep sacks, canvas and a latex straight jacket, violet wand, both E-Stim and Electra-Stim electrics, leather and latex arm binders, many masks and hoods plus much more. Only real way to get to grips with the space and the equipment for use is come visit and lets have a play!

Look out for later in the year the addition of a Fetters Bondage Wheel for sure!

Currently the front half of the Alchemy Rooms is one long 70ft x 15ft empty space, which some of you may have seen I converted into a beautiful seating area for My recent Birthday Bash – The Alchemy Rooms first ever event! Eventually I plan to use this area as differently themed role play areas, putting in separating walls are sound proofing different sections. I’m currently thinking of first developing a sissy Dressing Room, all pink and frills – mirrors and wardrobes full of beautiful clothing to dress you inner ladies out there, assist you in blooming!

I’d also love a medical room / rubber play area, and perhaps finishing on a school room / office for those smoking Strict Boss and failing employee or Hot Teacher and naughty student role play scenarios.

Currently in the process of organising a Professional photographer to come in and shoot My new Leighton Buzzard based playspace, once this is complete I will update My blog with the images.

But watch this space!

I was always in this for the duration, it’s where I feel at home.

Fuck the haters!

Keep Kinky Kinksters!

Mistress Tess x