Domina Hot Tub Parties

Domina Hot Tub Parties

Last year I ad hoc had a small group of Ladies over to test out My brand-new hot tub. We had a couple of boys over to be of service and they were kept very busy – they loved it!
We crossdressed them, had them handwash the cars under Our watchful gaze, serve Us drinks and food, some impact play, chastity play, humiliation games and even some forced bi. All while We were bikini clad wet and enjoying the bubbles; both kinds.

This gave Me the idea to bring a series of social Domina hot tub parties to this Summer, I have announced three dates over July and August where I will be allowing between 4 to 6 Dominant Ladies to attend My relaxed gathering with the idea of being served and having a group of boys to indulge with the light play ans respectful social interaction on in a D/s setting over a period of 3 1/2 hours.

These Domina social gatherings will be held in the Leighton Buzzard area and are perfect for service orientated males, men who like to serve and please Women. men who take pleasure in doing everything they can to make Women happy from entertainment, meat to toy with or to ensure the Ladies are well fed and refreshed.
All subs/slaves attending will be required to fill out a form listing limits and interests but I will reiterate these events are restricted to light play and service orientated play. I will also allow the ladies to take mini clips or photographs that they may use to promote the event or themselves on their individual social media pages, should you wish not to be included in photography you will be marked to display or offered a hood to wear.

The tribute for the each of the events will be £150 per person, with very limited attendance. The tribute covers a 3 1/2 hours running from 1pm to 4.30pm.
The tribute is required upon booking in full via bank transfer, you will also be required to provide a reference from another Professional Lady they have previously served or played with, which I will be checking prior to approving your attendance.

Do you have good massage skills?

Are you a bit of a chore whore?

Would you love to serve half a dozen wet bikini clad Domina’s while they relax with wine and have a good time in the sunshine?

Do you look good in a maids outfit?

Do you love the idea of a group CFNM setting?

Would you love to put on the humiliation based show to entertain a group of appreciative powerful beautiful dominant Ladies?

Then these events are for you.
The dates are as follows;

Thursday 18th of July 1pm – 4.30pm
Thursday 8th of August 1pm – 4.30pm
Thursday 22nd of August 1pm – 4.30pm

I shall announce the smoking hot lineup of Domina’s attending for each of the events after the previous event has passed.

First up on 18th July, I have a formidable line of Ladies; the infamous DomStrapon from Birmingham will be gracing us with Her presence.
Why not bring your butt slut plug collection and do a hot tub sideshow for us?
Strict Romanian Blonde Beauty Miss Sandra, are your attentive service skills up to Romanian high standards?
No nonsense nudist and all round German sadist Fraeulein K will be there in all Her glory.
Sensual stunner Vivienne Hardy will be relaxing along side all of Us with Her new hard earned beautiful body – a sight to behold!

Respectful applications to attend are made via my email;