Divine degradation – A cuckold slave experience

Divine degradation – A cuckold slave experience

By slave Anon

The months since being under consideration and serving of Mistress Tess had been amazing to this point. My best-ever experience of being enslaved by a Dominatrix after years of being on the Scene was about to get more wild and exciting – as if that was possible. In a short space of time, She had not just ‘read’ me thoroughly but totally re-energised my kink genes with acts of Dominant spontaneity (as is Her style) – whether that was suddenly being called upon to be Her human bidet or being pegged in an outdoor field at midnight under a full moon. To me, She crackles with lightning every time She moves.

So when She explained to me that I was to be witness to Her being pleasured by another man, my mind went reeling at all sorts of thoughts of cuckoldry. Part of Mistress Tess’ skill set was to barely seed my servile mind with a loosely defined idea then abruptly say no more on the matter. She stoutly refused to give details and thereby sent my imagination off in countless directions as I tried to think of what this could mean.

Was I to be tied up and made to watch?

Or did witness simply mean be in the same room blindfolded and only hear the action?

But who is to say I would even be in any facing position even if barred from watching?

Suppose I was to be banished under Her bed and feel the tremors of a pounded mattress? She was very skilled at coaxing anticipation to where it felt it was just as real as the act itself.

The night out with Her troupe to Pedestal was not the first and indeed felt like other outings before it. Not that it was formulaic at all. Rather it always came close to the experience of serving the whims and fancies of an A-list celebrity that everyone wanted to talk to. Mistress Tess creates a buzz and atmosphere wherever She goes and being part of Her entourage as Her slave is always an uplifting time.

So I was fully expecting the traditional discomfort of a restless sleep shackled in a cage for a few hours at the end of this particular evening. However, Mistress had other plans for me. “Come”, She said, with firm economy. I gingerly stepped forward into Her boudoir for the night and She ordered me to strip naked. “Kneel” She said after I disrobed totally. She then proceeded to place a blindfold on me. Afterwards, I could hear some rustling in the room then a door open. Another male voice was now in the room and Mistress Tess seemed very pleased to see him judging by Her flirty small talk in reply, rustling could be heard followed by the sound of bed sheets being pulled back and a mattress being pressed down.

Suddenly, my blindfold was pulled off. Blinking back the sharp flooding of light, my eyes became adjusted to the sight of a well-toned male lying naked on the bed while nursing what was at worst described as a “large” cock. Beside him was my Mistress, kneeling on the bed grinning.

“slave, I am giving you the privilege of seeing how a real man handles a Woman like Me. Now get up”. I stood, a little uneasily as I had been kneeling for some minutes. “Look at your cock, no correction – thumb because it isn’t really deserving of that name, is it?” I became very embarrassed, in part of being ridiculed in front of the other male in the room and also because I knew Mistress was right.

“Lie down at the foot of the bed so your body is underneath with only your head exposed and face upwards”. I complied and thought that this was a version of being blindfolded while marooned under Her bed. “Now don’t move a muscle or say a word until I tell you to” She said. I replied, “Yes Mistress”. Soon enough Mistress Tess was getting quite intimate with Her male companion and Her sounds of moaning gradually built up. The mattress was starting to shake quite solidly as I heard his exertions become more and more powerful. Mistress Tess’s breathing became quite shallow and Her moaning became louder as it was clear She was approaching orgasm. Denied of a view of Her being pleasured from my position at the end of the bed, I could only guess at what was going on and then She quite obviously came with a loud moaning I’d never heard from Her before.

I could partially see Her rise to stand from Her position straddled on top of the male, I attempted to lift myself up into a sitting position.

“Stay there!” She said sharply. It was no longer a giddy voice that spoke to me but the all-too familiar tone of my beloved Dominatrix that brooked no nonsense. my Mistress then walked over to me an placed a foot on my face.

“So slave. you have been privileged to bear witness to My sexual pleasure with another man, if only mostly in audio than in visual which must of been added torture. As you are a slave, you are not worthy to see such action, only hear it.” Her words soaked in as harshly as any lash She had given me to date. She was one serious Woman. But this is what I came for. A strict Woman who knew how to firmly handle submissive men like me. “Yes, Mistress. I understand”, I mumbled as the sole of Her foot smothered my mouth.

I lay there looking up at my Mistress gazing down at me from on high, Her face flushed with pleasure and blonde tresses ruffled. Without further word She stood  up over me, with a foot each side of my head and descended into a squatting position instructing Me to “Open your mouth” I nervously complied.

There was a strong scent of sweat on Her mixed with Her own natural fragrances, I saw Her contract making several exerting movements as if to squeeze when suddenly a stream of spent cum started to drool out of Her mound straight into my mouth. “Take all of it now. I don’t want anything spilt or I will whip you”

The other males cum tasted strong as I realised I too was getting very hard at this current debasement at the request of Mistress Tess. In a bid to ensure nothing was spared, She then proceeded to wipe Herself with Her fingers then shoved them into my mouth, I greedily lapped up at them like the cuckolded slave dog I was to Her.

Once She was satisfied, She then stood up and looked around me “Good boy! Not a drop spilled. Now go fetch me your funnel because I need to piss”. I slowly dragged myself out from under Her bed and spotted the funnel upside down beside some boxes. I picked it up and in a now well-practised ritual, I lay down on the floor and without a word, Mistress Tess positioned Herself over the wide mouth of the funnel and began to fill it up with Her nectar. “Drink up like a good boy” She said as I eagerly downed Her champagne, those simple few words, my mind went reeling all over again at the thought of the delicious deviancy of my beloved Dominatrix.

Illustration by: www.sardax.com