Coercive Bi in a back street sex shop – A session write up

Coercive Bi in a back street sex shop

I met sub J on My last visit to Dublin in January, we had a taxi style public humiliation / Domination session.

In the interim time between this trip and My last trip to Dublin we had been discussing the possibility of stepping it up a notch.

He’d heard of a private members sex cinema in central Dublin adjoined to a sex shop that has private rooms play areas so we could carry out our session there.

He arrives to Me at 10pm at My apartment and we taxi together to the venue in the Dublin city centre, of course My Louboutin leather boots in his lap the entire way, with the occasion kiss to them and head bowed under My intense gaze.

He was quite nervous, I was very excited!

We arrived to the locked front door of the shop and knocked to await the owner letting us in.

I nudged sub J through the door and bellowed:

“Well tell the man what we are here for!” with a loud laugh.

sub J muttered “We’re here for the cinema please”

The manager talked us through the set up and at a charge of €15 each we received an all day pass. We walked to the back of the shop and up the stairs and entered the cinema. There were screens showing different styles of porn everywhere, private booths, group seating areas, small bed like seats. Dark lighting, a large toilet..

I took sub J through to the farthest room – showing Domination porn on the screens where there was another man present.

I order sub J to strip down in full view of the other man, to just the lilac hold ups and My lace panties I had dressed him in under his vanilla clothes when back at the apartment.

After a good while growling and worshipping My boot on his knees, I could see the other man making regular eye contact with Me and wanking over our scene.

I ordered sub J to place his head to the ground whilst on his knees and I fetched My strap on harness from My handbag and slowly fitted it whilst towering over My cowering sub on the ground.

Using quite a large sized dildo, I asked him to start sucking Me off, he scrambled swiftly to his knees and on My command first started teasing Me with his tongue.

It wasn’t long before he was giving it 110% effort, putting on one hell of an oral display knowing we had an audience of sorts, including the manager on the cameras too I’m sure.

I proceeded to fuck sub J’s face, ramming My rubber cock further and further into his throat, a gag or two always pleases Me. Intermittently asking him to run his tongue over the tip and down each side of the shaft of My cock. I grabbed a fist full of his long hair and pulled his face back, bent down to whisper in his ear that I was now going to invite the man furiously wanking over our scene to see if he’d like a blow job.

sub J looked very keen and for the purpose of this story we’ll call the “wanker” Bob.

I looked Bob in the eyes and purred seductively “fancy a blow job”, at first I could see his immediate disbelief, it must of crossed his mind initially that I was offering to suck him off. So I signalled with just a pointing finger towards the half gaping already waiting mouth of sub J and it clicked, a flash of disappointment to start but quickly followed by a step forward and a thrust of his hips with open fly and semi hard cock out toward sub J’s face.

I instructed sub J to kneel up on a nearby chair, with his head over the back of the chair. I then grabbed sub J’s head by the hair again and guided Bob’s cock into his mouth, instructing him to start slow, tease Bob. Just like he did with My own rubber cock he’d sucked only moments ago.

I stood up, thrust My low cut cleavage in Bob’s face to “egg” proceedings along, all the while verbalising slut like comments and humiliation at sub J about how much of a dirty little floor dwelling cock sucker he is!

Bob started to get very excited, sub J was picking up tempo, sucking and sleeping on Bob’s cock like a ice lolly on a 35 degree mid summer sunshine day.

Such an eager cock sucking dirty little bitch.

After a few minutes I told Bob he could place his hands on My cock sucking bitch for rent, so he slipped his hands behind sub J’s head and started to fuck his face with gusto! This was the ideal time to put to use the strap on I was still adorning to use.. 

Slipping behind sub J’s Irish lily white ass which was bobbing with every cock slurp and dangling off the front the chair he was knelt upon, I lubed up My 8 inches of blue Babes n’ Horny rubber cock goodness and without hesitation plunged it into his stretched wide hole. He moaned and slurped and bounced on My cock like a hungry little bitch, at several points I spooned into his back whilst balls deep and whispered into his ear about how much of a slut he was sucking real cock for Me whilst taking My Mistress cock in his ass. I was devilish enough to press My lace covered breasts into sub J’s back as added torment, after all I wanted him to maintain his erection for the final part of My sex shop display!

I could see Bob’s eyes often moving to watch My breasts move with every thrust into sub J’s ass and at one point karate chopped a roving hand attempting to touch. After all I’m lending him My little bitch’s mouth and at this particular time he was every inch ‘above’ sub J but still very much a male below Me and under My instruction.

Things soon started to come to a climax, I could see Bob’s face contort with his approaching orgasm, his thrusts were picking up more momentum – just when I didn’t even think that was possible. So I start to speak encouraging phrases to both the men in front of Me in this sordid public display such as “Do it Bob, fuck his face, cum in his dirty little slut mouth” and to sub J “Suck him like your life depends on it you little slut, whilst I fuck one hole and he fucks your other, you airtight slut.”

With an energetic final thrust, Bob came and I pulled out of sub J to swiftly swing round for the view of cum dribbling down sub J’s chin into his bushy beard and on to his forearms. He looked throughly used, but I wasn’t finished with him yet.

I pushed him off the chair onto his knees on the floor of the sex club back room we were in, still with the sound of a Dominatrix beating a an on the video screens in the background. I instructed him to slip on a condom on himself whilst I slipped out the blue dildo out from My strap on harness and placed it base down on the floor, looking like it needed a slut ass to mount it.

So that’s what instructed sub J to do, I wanted him to mount that cock, bounce on it just as I’d witnessed his mouth bounce on Bob’s cock just minutes before. He slipped into a squat position and slipped that cock into his slutty ass as if it was meant to always be there, well I had just warmed him up with it using My strap on whilst he chewed on man dick. Once he settled into a decent rhythm I instructed him to use one of his hands to wank himself off, giving him clear stop / start and speed jerk off instructions.

After only a few short minutes sub J shot his load into the condom hugging his shaft, I’m not surprised at how quick it came since he seemed to love being abused and used as My cock sucking slut. I watched as the creamy liquid filled the tip of the rubber sleeve and when he fell forward onto the other hand with the finality of his climax, the blue cock slipping out his ass with a pop and falling to the ground. I let him gasp for a few seconds before I bellowed “hand Me the condom” !

He carefully rolled the condom off and slipped it into My gloved palm. I commanded he sit in slave 3 position up on his knees sat back on his ankles and said “Open Wide” and I proceeded to hover the full condom over his nose and tipped it’s slimy contents onto his trembling tongue! 

The End.

Keep Kinky Kinsters!

Mistress Tess x