Blog extract from a Human Toilet – Watersports Play

Blog extract from a Human Toilet – Watersports Play

Some of you will remember My recent (May 2018) mini U.S trip which included a 6 day stay in Florida for the Fetish Factory event (side note: which was AMAZING!). During this leg of My 2 week trip I wasn’t planning on working much as I wanted to fully immerse Myself in the event I had come for.

But I couldn’t resist when I had a request from one of My long standing Twitter followers for 2 hours of pretty much PURE watersports. I’d never done a watersports session for that long so accepted the session request, especially appealing that he was flying in from a whole other state just to see Me!

Post our session he sent Me the below write up of the session requesting to post on his blog so I thought I would share it with you on My blog.

Enjoy >>>>

American toilet boy of Mistress Lady Tess  

It had been a few months since I’d had the opportunity to serve a Mistress. I’d been very thirsty lately and I needed my hydration fix. I had been following the British Mistress Lady Tess of the UK on Twitter for well over a year now and I had already missed an opportunity to meet Her alongside the beautiful Helena Locke  for a double session in Los Angeles CA back in October 2017 as I couldn’t make it happen due to a work scheduling conflict. Deep down inside I was upset with myself for not being able to serve Helena Locke and Mistress Lady Tess in a double session as I’ve never served as a human toilet for two Mistresses at the same time before.

I vowed to never miss the opportunity to meet the lovely Mistress Lady Tess again, if ever given the opportunity. Low and behold scrolling down my twitter feed I saw that the British Mistress Lady Tess was touring the United States and attending Fetish Factory in Ft. Lauderdale Florida Memorial day weekend 2018 party. Here’s my chance!  I’m privileged and blessed to be able to travel throughout the United States at a moments notice. Properly contacting the Mistress via her website and briefly chatting about a session. Complying with Her request of a past served Professional Mistress reference. Surprisingly She remembered me from the missed opportunity with Helena Locke. Lucky me!

I pounced on this rare opportunity! Knowing She doesn’t  just session with anyone, I carefully summited my application. Praying that I get the chance to finally kneel before Mistress Lady Tess feet and serving Her. A week later I was accepted by Mistress Lady Tess, we confirmed a date and it was all set. I was eagerly ready and grateful to be accepted!

Fast forward a couple weeks later, I flew down to Florida from Tennessee. Mistress Lady Tess had an party to attend at the Fetish Factory event the night before our encounter so our session time was early A.M around hotel checkout time. I made arrangements with hotel front desk to request a late checkout to ensure my session time wouldn’t be interrupted. Promptly on time there was a knock at the door and low and behold, in my presence was the one and only British Mistress Lady Tess! I was in complete awe! She was elegant and stunningly beautiful. Wow! I was so excited inside!

Normally I am nervous meeting a new Mistress for the first time but this time was different. I was so ready to serve Mistress Lady Tess beyond  her wildest, kinky toilet desires! I only have 4 years of experience serving Professional Domina females. I knew that the UK Pro Domme Mistresses tend to be more aggressive and by no means shy .Today was the day to show to the true British Mistress all that I’ve learned as a human toilet, this American boy was ready for Mistress Lady Tess and I wasn’t about to let her down by underperforming. I was to be Mistress Lady Tess’s toilet and spittoon today! I was very excited knowing in a few minutes that her DNA was going to be my nourishment and become a permanent part of me!

After a short chat. Mistress Tess changed into her Louboutin high heels and stockings! All of a sudden before I knew what happening She pulled my head back and I had a mouth full of her delicious sweet tasting spit. I thanked the British mistress by saying “thank You ma’am“ ! Mistress Lady Tess was ready now and as I suspected She was not shy at all. I knew at that moment this was going to be a session to remember! I was ordered to worship her flawless body by starting at kissing Her stocking clad legs, feet, toes, thighs and then Her ass. In-between instructing me to worship Her I was rewarded with a mouth full of spit!

I brought with me a vast array of toys and gags etc for Mistress to use, although some I never used before and didn’t know what to expect. Starting off She used a mouth gag on me an spit an ice cube in my mouth . The gag was too much for me and I almost choked. In my mind I was like “oh shit, I don’t about this mouth gag“. Luckily mistress said that it was apparent I didn’t really need any forcing at all, that I was a good boy and opened My mouth when asked without hesitation so She took it off. At that moment I knew I was trained correctly by past Mistresses. I’m not sure Mistress Lady Tess understood just how much this “good boy” was in toilet boy heaven, I would have consumed any and all of her body fluids (except scat), She could have pushed my limits!

Being a human toilet piss boy, I love drinking Powerful Domme women urine. Mistress Lady Tess is one of the worlds most powerful Mistresses and I knew how lucky I was to be used by Her. The session continued on, me still very thirsty and ready for her golden nectar champagne, She was consistently drinking bottled water, filling her bladder up ! I was patiently waiting for the time She was ready to pee! Suddenly and briskly She ordered me to crawl and collect some towels from the bathroom and then to lay on my back on the floor. She ordered me to have my head toward the foot of the bed and my mouth open – Yes Ma’am! I laid there mouth opened wide when Mistress Tess squatted over my toilet hole mouth. She was adjusting Herself to assure She didn’t miss any liquid going into my toilet mouth! She told me to first edge myself and She was laughing as my cock twitched and jumped from having to stop touching right before I was to cum, She really enjoyed seeing My struggle of not being able to cum!

Finally a hot stream of the most sweet and salty tasting golden champagne I’ve had in a long time hit My tongue – Her golden nectar was delicious! “Thank You ma’am I said” as She filled my mouth up with hot nectar and forced me to hold it in my mouth for a five full minutes. She then made me gargle with her urine combined with a top up of Her spit. I was ordered to boil some hot water from the coffee maker as it was pee tea time! I’m infamous for enjoying Domina golden nectar pee tea and I drank two cups – The British make the best tea! I really truly was in toilet boy heaven! During the session Mistress Lady Tess had drank 6 or 7 0.5L bottles of water and I consumed what must been a few pints and pints of her piss, from piss covered sweets to sanding over Me and pissing in My mouth from a distance to equating close over My mouth,  lot of edging and teasing mixed in. As the session was coming to a close Mistress Lady  Tess ordered me crawl to the bathroom and get in the bath tub face up. She said her bladder was very full and it was then She climbed in the bath tub over Me and sprayed My body with Her glorious golden nectar. Mistress Lady Tess released what seem like a gallon of hot urine all over me! She then instructed me to edge myself soaked in Her urine, it didn’t take long for me to get then and then ask for permission to release myself, which She allowed but on the agreement I ate my own cum, which She actually followed through and forced me to eat my ejaculate!

“Now shower yourself off” she ordered, I was totally mind fucked! What a wonderful session! How lucky was I to get the chance to serve one of the world’s most powerful Mistresses!

I’m definitely Mistress Tess’s new American toilet boy!

I can’t wait to have another encounter with the beautiful British Mistress Lady Tess again!