A sub’s experience – My First session with Mistress Tess

A sub’s experience – My first session with Mistress Tess


My fur loving slut A has been serving Me for over 6 months regularly now, both in lifestyle and sessions.

I’m enjoying so much taking him through many new experiences, he asked Me if he could write up his experience of our first session together so enjoy:


I first discovered Mistress Tess on Adultwork in early 2016 where I logged onto to a cam session with her. Our first cam session was mindblowing – She was incredible and kept teasing me with Her furs (which is a massive fetish of mine). Over the subsequent two years, I spent more time camming with Mistress Tess, purchased Her some gifts and at one point I attempted to arrange a session with Her which due to a variety of personal reasons never happened but one thing I will say is every time we spoke She had a wonderful of getting inside my head. She also frequently joked about putting me in chastity and keeping the keys – or at least I assumed at the time She was joking!!

One day in March 2018 I found Myself with a day off coming up and put the last minute suggestion to Mistress Tess of a hotel outcall if She’d be willing. She agreed on the previso we meet in a hotel for a minimum of a three hour session – for me that was too big an opportunity to miss out on so I booked a hotel in a midpoint between U/us in distance and starting to prepare Myself mentally for O/our first session.

Shortly after arranging the session I was sat excitedly in a hotel room waiting on Mistress Tess to arrive. I was sat there in panties and chastity (which She had instructed me to wear) – at this point I still had my own padlock and key. I wanted to make a strong first impression so also had some flowers and a present for Mistress Tess alongside some water which She had instructed me to purchase. I sat there nervously waiting with butterflies in my stomach – Could my dreams really be about to come true and I was finally going to meet the amazing Mistress Tess?

After a short while there was a knock at the door and my heart skipped a beat – excitedly I walked over to the door and in stepped Mistress Tess wearing Her fur coat – I was utterly blown away and speechless as She entered the room – She was utterly sensational. Trying not to be too flabberghasted I welcomed Her and gave Her the flowers and gifts hoping to make a strong first impression. After a short conversation Mistress instructed me to kneel in front of and hand Her the envelope and my keys. She utterly commanded the space of an amazing confident “in control” Domme and I was in heaven kneeling in front of such a strong amazing brilliant beauty. She then made me continue to kneel whilst She went into the bathroom to get changed and ready for the session.

Amazingly, although we had not chatted in a while She remembered all my fetishes of facesitting, fur, tease and chastity from our previous conversations – I was blown away by how personal She made this – it really made the session. After getting changed for the session it was not long before Mistress Tess had me lying on the bed and She was sitting on my face in Her fur. Wow, it was like I had died and gone to heaven. She tested me to see how long I could hold my breath – pushing me to do greater than a minute. It was a long time since I had done that but I was determined to impress here.

After timing my breaths for a while it was not long before the tease started with my in cage. Mistress Tess started an amazing combination of teasing my cage with a Doxy wand whilst sat on my face in her fur bringing me to the edge repeatedly but not allowing release. My heart beat was getting faster and faster as my excitement grew and She constantly kept me on the edge superbly in control at all times. As the tease continued she got off my face and teased my whole body with Her amazingly soft fur coat and then put it over my face – for a fur fetishist this took me to an amazing place. She kept me superbly on edge over and over again rubbing Her body against my cage with the doxy which put me into mind overload!! I became more and more desperate to cum but She would not let me – a true artist at the top of Her game.

Eventually after what seemed like an eternity of teasing and being on the edge Mistress Tess decided to take my cage off and tie me up in Her sleep sack. Now I was really nervous as before whilst I had the cage there was at least some “protection” to give me some resistance against the teasing – now I was tied up and exposed for Mistress Tess to do as She wished. Despite having been going for a while already Mistress Tess was relentless and mercilessly continued the edging and teasing. As time grew on my desperation to cum increased and increased as I began to hope that Mistress Tess might me cum however, it never happened, She continually kept me on the edge with an amazing mixture of handstrokes, doxy wand, facesitting in fur and knowing exactly when to stop. Mistress made it very clear many times over that “Orgasms are for Girls” and the boys have to earn there orgasms.

After nearly three relentless hours of this my head was literally spinning. Mistress suggested that if I promise to purchase Her a gift online there and then, She might “consider” letting me cum and at this point She could have asked for anything and I’d of succumbed. She cruely kept me on the edge whilst I had to suggest what present I might get her in exchange for cumming. During My hesitation Mistress suggested I purchase a previously promised gift of an Apple Watch to which I agreed, after all I’d want Mistress to receive a nice present fitting of Her high standards.

Thinking this had won Me a long, languishing, pleasurable orgasm I was already started to flood with relief but within a matter of seconds under the pressure of a Doxy wand, Mistress then proceeded to ruin my orgasm all whilst laughing and smiling at My predicament. It was an amazing mixture of euphoria and frustration all in one go. After three hours of being kept on the edge my body felt exhausted but emotionally I felt amazing as Mistress Tess had delivered a master class in tease, fur and facesitting like I had never experienced before in my life.

At this point, I was expecting to express My gratitude to Mistress Tess for an amazing session and drive on home but She proceeded to inform me that She had brought her own padlock and planned on locking me back up in my chastity cage. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights as my brain to process with Mistress had just said and before I knew it I was locked back up and Mistress had all the keys which She proceeded to fasten on a chain around Her neck. This was a first for me and I instantly felt an amazing feeling of pride before I started to realise what had actually happened – Mistress Tess had literally just taken full control of my cock and I loved it!

After the session, Mistress Tess took time to make sure I was OK and that I had enjoyed the session (I most certainly had). I helped her back to her car where She gave me a hug and headed off. I then walked off, still in my panties and chastity (without the keys also in my possession) with a massive smile on my face realising that something very, very special had just happened.

I am now a number of months into serving Mistress Tess and She truly, truly is everything I could of hoped for in a Mistress – I have never been out of chastity since and there is not a day which goes by when Mistress is not my first and last thought in the day. Mistress sometimes teases me on taking two years to pull My finger out and actually realtime meet Her – I regret that it took so long but am so delighted that we finally met as that day changed my life for ever. She was most definitely worth the wait!

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Mistress Tess x