Mistress Tess 2017 – A year of opportunity and excess!

My 2017 – A year of opportunity and excess!

It’s fair to say I have had a fabulous 2017.

End of 2016, I finally switched from working My Professional Domination sessions as a part time aspect of My life to full time, dropping My full time role as a sales representative at an Engineering supplies firm.

I have no regrets, My reputation in the scene as a Professional who takes pride and enjoyment from Her “work” circulated rapidly ergo the amount of session applications in My inbox have been significantly on the rise throughout this year.

I was very lucky at the end of last year to be offered a position at a privately owned dungeon / studio based in Milton Keynes. The Fallen Angel Studio in Milton Keynes is very well equipped and in a private location and isn’t an open bus stop for every passing Professional so it’s well kept and deeply appreciated.

This kick started My 2017 with a base location in Milton Keynes. No more skipping between dungeons around the country and lifting the pressure off booking whole days in locations and needing to cram session requests into those particular dates / locations.

Since then one might say My profile has somewhat elevated and I have seized every opportunity available, from working with the elegant Baroness Essex on Her Female Supremacy project, to collaboration filming with the fabulous Fetish Liza, My enrolment within the Domina Parties circle of fabulous Ladies attending events such as The Facility Incarceration or Strap On Extravaganzas. International travel for sessions to Dubai, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and more locally Glasgow and Dublin – all of which I enjoyed and experienced phenomenal levels of success.

I’ve earned well as a Milton Keynes Mistress, eaten beautifully, been spoiled rotten.. I’ve been on top of some beautiful cocks, stayed in some gorgeous hotels and had some lavish holidays.

And very importantly to finish My shoe collection has been breeding. I now own a gorgeous, somewhat large collection of footwear – My love, My fetish.

So I’m labelling 2017 as the year of opportunity and excess. It has given Me some insight into how I should be structuring My time, My goals and My aspirations moving forward into 2018. Travel will be a lot more structured, ensuring My now regulars, local Milton Keynes and surrounding area based slaves and subs have priority access to session with Me in 2018 at My base location of Milton Keynes. My aspiration of having My own facility is still very much there. It is on the back burner until the time is right but stay tuned.

December 2017 saw My busiest month of the year with near 30 sessions in just 3 weeks so going forward I will be giving Myself some limitation on days per week spent in the dungeon to allow Me some time for My new love of the gym and yoga. I also want to enhance My skill set in certain areas like bondage, hypnosis and blood play.

Now to My boys! I collared three long serving subs / slaves this year. Those that know Me know that I don’t LOOK to collar anyone. I take it quite seriously and it’s only ever going to be those who’ve demonstrated the qualities I would like in a slave / sub I would enjoy spending time with, outside of the session environment. They would need to demonstrate that they take My needs seriously and primarily, respect My wishes and follow My commands and also represent Me well in public and on social media platforms. Accompanied with all that it would require a demonstration over time so to give each of the three recognition:

sub Kinky – Serving Me a full year in person (now 19 months), an additional 5 months or so prior to that online – gifts, cam sessions, emails, social media interaction then leading on to very regular bi weekly / monthly sessions, dinner dates, events, spa trips. We got on instantly, the chemistry was very hot and we ALWAYS have a good session with an excellent playful cheeky connection between us. he’s kind, generous, keeps himself in good shape and always very obedient. He enjoys making things easier for Me when he has the limited time away from the Vanilla world to do so. I’m looking forward to exploring more event and maybe even that kinky weekender W’we’ve discussed for the new year!

slave James – Serving Me for 15 months before formally collaring (November 2017), his initial approach to Me in a fetish club where we had quite the rapport, after which through daily conversation mingled into chemistry and on to a connection between us. His formal approach to serve was accompanied by Louboutins, he is a foot fool for Me and W/we have a mutual love of the red soled beauties. I speak with him daily, I see him to serve Me and play with twice a month, he assists with bills and pays a small monthly tribute. He cleans, cooks and is cuckolded on occasion – if he is a very good boy. He is intelligent, besotted and tries very hard to please.

sissy Paula (slave) – Serving Me for 14 months before collaring, initially coming to photograph Me in a fetish shoot  but I ensnared him there and then and dragged him into domestically serving, financially managing him and pretty much becoming a (part time) live in (2 – 4 days a week) slave. Pushing his femme side with a PA piercing for chastity fitting, pimping out on Adultwork both cam and realtime meets and attending events with Me full femme – shopping, dinner and fetish nights out. he (sometimes she) is the most selfless, honest (although has a manageable amount of sissy flare to his tales – lol), caring and sensitive slave I have serving Me.

So to summarise, whilst 2017 has seen a few lows, it’s been mostly a marvellous year and I’m looking forward to seeing just what 2018 brings and having a lot more play, fun, seeing beautiful sights, meeting more wonderful people and absolutely no doubt collecting more beautiful heels.

Keep Kinky Kinksters!

Mistress Tess x