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I will not session with just anyone, I will be selective.

If I feel you have not first read the information on My site before contacting Me, you will be ignored.

Lack of thought in your application, one-liners or any requests for sexual services / nudity will also be ignored.

I am not an escort and I do not offer sexual or personal services.

If you do not have a reply within 1 week, you can assume I am not interested, do not bother contacting Me again.

I will only diary you as a confirmed booking once a deposit has been received.

Use My application form below to state your preference of location for a session but bear in mind I will not always offer your preference.

My Telephone Number 07764 597687

No texts from unknown subs / slaves accepted – telephone calls only within respectable hours of 9am and 7pm.

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Application To Serve Mistress Tess

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Be sure you have carefully read through My website before completing this application form and do ensure you have given Me sufficient information in all sections of the form. I will not look favourably on one liners and I do not require your life story either. Be polite, be forthcoming but do be concise.